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We are a Naturopathic Clinic located at East Gosford on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW. 

We offer private and confidential consultations with qualified Naturopaths. Please contact us today for an appointment.

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Jojoba Oil for your Skin and Hair

We absolutely LOVE Jojoba Oil at Natural Results.. and the golden oil is not just for your skin..you can use it on your hair too! 

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Sevene Pharma Homeopathic Medicine Range at Natural Results

Natural Results is a proud stockists of the 'Sevene Pharma' Homeopathic Medicine Range. This range is gentle yet efffective and addresses different systems in the body: Respiratory, Digestive, Neurological, Circulatory and Urogenital. Digeodren pictured below is used to detoxify and protect the liver and to stimulate digestion. The medicinal plants used in the preparation of these medicines are all certified organic. 

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Naturopathy Clinic


Are you looking for a Naturopath on the Central Coast? Would you like to achieve greater levels of wellness & vitality? Whatever life stage you are at, our Naturopath will help you to achieve your personal health goals.


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